Cześć! / Hello! / Hej!

I’m interested in many aspects of User Experience, with focus on designing web and mobile interfaces. My goal is to ease the human-computer communication and provide users with simple, clean and delightful experiences.

I used to be part of a design team in a big e-commerce company in Poland and work in a small company in Stockholm, providing UX consultancy, designing UI and developing our own products. Now I work in a hardware-based startup. In Tinitell, our mission is to encourage outdoor activities, kids’ independence and parents’ peace of mind.

I make wireframes, lo-fi & hi-fi prototypes and mockups. My over 2 years experience consists of working on many projects like designs for mobile and web applications, UI/UX creation, optimisation, etc.

My background is very multidisciplinary, I majored in Cognitive Science and worked in a Research Agency. Along with the design, I can provide usability testing and UX recommendations for your app or website.

I’m open to all forms of cooperation on any stage of your product development, no matter if it’s just an idea in your head that needs to be drawn or a released product that needs optimization.

Contact me via my LinkedIn Profile or e-mail me: asiaka88 [at]